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Are You Losing Business Thanks to High Credit Card Fees? Call Merchant Advocate Today!

Last updated 6 years ago

In this advanced technological world, customers expect freedom and flexibility when making purchases. This often means using credit cards rather than cash to complete transactions. For some business owners, credit card processing seriously reduces revenue. But, with the help of Merchant Advocate, you can start boosting sales and raising your profit margins today.

  • What Are Credit Card Fees? Credit card processing companies charge business owners fees every time a customer makes a purchase. These fees are typically between 2–3% of the purchase. The credit card companies’ cut and business owner’s credit are factored into setting the fee percentage.
  • Why Do You Have to Pay Fees? Every time a customer uses a credit card, money is transferred from their account into your business’s account. Credit card companies require a percentage for profit. Additionally, credit card processing is a service provided by separate company.
  • How Can Fees Hurt Your Business? When you lose a percentage of each purchase, the smaller margins of profit begin to add up. In response to high credit card processing fees, many business owners choose not to accept major credit card companies that require higher fees. Limiting your customers’ payment options can cause you to lose business, money, and returning clientele.
  • Are Credit Card Fees Flexible? Despite what the credit card companies may imply, their fees are negotiable. Fees are set based on a number of factors, but credit card expense reduction is possible for any business owner with the right information, knowledge, and expertise.
  • How Can Merchant Advocate Help? Our company’s only purpose is to increase your profits and save you money through our credit card services. As experts in the field, we understand how to negotiate with companies to lower your fees.

Merchant Advocate uses a specialized data analysis system designed to maximize our negotiating abilities for your company. To get the lowest rates, highest profits, and best credit card services in NJ, call us at (732) 727-2073.


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