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4 Helpful Tips for Protecting Your Credit Card Information

Last updated 6 years ago

When running a business, it’s essential that you consistently maintain the highest security standards regarding your customers’ credit card information. No longer do companies process credit card purchases solely through in-store interactions. Online transactions have become a major revenue stream for many businesses.

However, credit card fraud has also grown in response to this evolution of the business world. Should your files become compromised and your credit card information stolen, you won’t be worrying about credit card processing fees because you’ll no longer have customers seeking your business. Rather, you’ll be contending with the headache that comes with notifying your customers of the security breach and dealing with the fallout. To avoid this outcome, consider the following guidelines for keeping your credit card information safe and secure.

  1. Change default usernames and passwords. Never keep the usernames and passwords given to you by your computer programmer. As soon as your software is up and running, change this information to something that’s difficult to guess. Do not use usernames or passwords that incorporate your birth date or other personal information that someone may have access to and use.
  2. Keep your computer programs continually updated. Software companies are frequently testing their programs to ensure the programs’ security. When they find weaknesses, they will provide customers with updated software that has fixed those issues. When you receive an update from your software provider, install it immediately so that you will eliminate those weaknesses as well.
  3. Encrypt customer credit card information. One of the most important tactics you can employ to protect your credit card information is to use a program that encrypts the information. It’s incredibly difficult for would-be hackers to use credit card numbers when they have been encoded.
  4. Limit access to confidential credit card information. Though you want to instill an atmosphere of trust within your company and toward your employees, you should nevertheless strictly limit who has access to customer credit card numbers. The fewer individuals who can see and use that information, the better the chances are that it will never be compromised.

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